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D-SelectTrust Panel

Simply Safe HMIs

Safe representations of switch boards on an HMI control panels are created in many work steps: The layout of the panel is specified, indicator lights and buttons are hard-wired and labeled. When planning a new project or changing a project, costly and time-consuming steps are necessary to update the hardware. The SelectTrust Panel reliably represents switchboards digitally with a safety level up to SIL3.

Interactive dynamic GUIs with mit IconTrust® Safety

With the D-SelectTrust Panel, you can easily configure interactive indicator lights and buttons via a web browser in the shortest possible time. The buttons and indicators are presented in a dynamic tile layout on the HMI. The variety of project-specific adjustments are diverse. Time and cost-intensive work steps for project changes are no longer necessary. The new operating units are reconfigured remotely on the HMI.

Certified up to SIL3

  • Acc. EN50126, EN50128, EN50129 IEC61508
  • IEC13849 - PLe / CAT3