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Analogue Indicators
Indicators with stepper motor

Indicators for Railways 

Safe. Proven. Tailor-made.

Analogue Indicators
Analogue Indicators
Indicators with stepper motor
Indicators with stepper motor

Depending on the application, analogue indicators for railway vehicles are divided into eddy current, moving coil, and stepper motor types. But each type has three things in common – reliability, precision and high availability.

For any input parameters

DEUTA indicating units can process a wide variety of inputs – whether current, voltage or pulse-width modulated signals. Any kind of physical parameters can be displayed, depending on the electronics integrated in the indicator.

DEUTA’s high performance railway-suitable indicators are:

  • robust
  • reliable
  • universally modifiable to suit individual customers
  • easily readable
  • precise

Custom-made design for railway vehicles:

  • modifiable to suit customers’ needs
  • colouring (front plate, scales, pointer, printing)
  • scale divisions
  • night light colouring, key lighting
  • a variety of additional functions
  • optional insertion of customer logo
  • additional text