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Train Safety Components

DEUTA systems and system components are a key element of train safety.
DEUTA supplies components and complete integrated train safety systems for all product segments: driver safety circuits, indicator and display systems, or Doppler radar sensors – all products are integrated into the respective systems (including ATP) in accordance with the specifications.

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions:

Indicating Units
DEUTA indicating units are distinguished by their high availability, safety, and precision.
Multifunctional Terminals
The optimal solution for customised display tasks
DEUTA recorders are a key component of train safety
Radar Sensors
DEUTA radar sensors deploy contactless sensing technology, and use the Doppler microwave principle to calculate measured values.
Pick-up Generators
On account of their predominantly wear-free operation, integral sensors have a very long lifetime.
DEUTA Axle-mounted Sensors; Electronic Pulse Generators work on a principle, e.g. Hall sensors; Optical Pulse Generator
Pulse Generators
Axle-mounted pulse generators can measure wheel rotational speed, linear speed, distance, and acceleration.