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MMI – Man Machine Interfaces / HMI – Human Machine Interfaces / DMI Driver Machine Interfaces

No matter which term is used, it always refers to the interface between the driver and the vehicle system, braking system, train safety system, etc.

For both the DEUTA analogue display and the Multifunctional Terminal (MFT), sophisticated technical designs and extensive production expertise result in highly reliable products with long service lives. Ergonomic design, brightness and easy readability are hallmarks of DEUTA's man-machine interfaces. DEUTA displays and indicating units comply with international standards, e.g. indicators in accordance with SIL 2 for ATP systems.

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions:

Indicating units
DEUTA indicating units are distinguished by their high availability, safety, and precision.
Multifunctional Terminals
The optimal solution for customised display tasks