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Our Test Laboratory - at Your Service

Prototype design in series-production quality

At DEUTA you receive your prototype in series quali­ty because we produce your first model on the same line as the series – with no variations in quality.

Vapour phase soldering

Leaded and unleaded assembly: with modern assembly lines we cater for the components of tomorrow. Your boards can be assembled leaded or unleaded according to requirements.


The in-line AOI system supports the error-free manufacture of your products. By use of image processing, even the smallest errors are detected on the assembled board at the production stage.

Double sided PC board assembly – doubly good

Assembling both sides of your board is no problem for us.

Intelligent assembly concept

Our intelligent assembly concept ensures that there is order. Every component is given a barcode – this excludes any possible mix-up of components. All components are stored in air-conditioned SMD towers before and after the assembly process. The open times of the MSL components are permanently monitored.