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The future built-in

Obsolescence Management at DEUTA

Innovation cycles for technical components in rail traffic are less than 5 years today, while the complete rail vehicle in is use for 25 years or longer on average. Those who wish to switch to the latest technology do not therefore change the whole train straightaway.

Availability throughout the whole life cycle

DEUTA develops and operates its own obsolescence management, which ensures perfect compatibility of new products with existing system environments. In this way, the drive is not just better, but also cheaper – and that’s long-term.

For example: DEUTA Multifunction Terminals which are known worldwide for their long life spans. Right at the design phase, we take into consideration follow-up concepts for important components so that these consistently fulfill the requirements of product obsolescence management.

"’Form-fit-function’ compatible vehicle displays

Thanks to many years of developing and producing boards ourselves, DEUTA has the expertise to replace discontinued displays ‘form-fit-function’ and to integrate them into the long term planning of the MTF platform. Our engineers must comply with strict obsolescence requirements which in essence, depend on equality of structure of the platforms therefore extending, virtually, the durability of the displays.
In the end, you as producer, operator and user benefit in equal measure from the boards:

  • Producer: Optimise your production processes thanks to perfect compatibility of the boards and achieve shorter cycle times and more cost-effectiveness.
  • Operator: Lower your life cycle costs through a virtually extended life span of the boards and be assured also of an optimal supply of replacement parts for many years.
  • User: Have the most modern board technology always at your disposal, where ‘look & feel‘ is retained for the most part.

The best contacts for more investment security

DEUTA is contually optimizing its obsolescence management. One reason why we are a member of the Components Obsolescense Group Germany (COG). Members of this group achieve extended series production, through bundled procurement processes, concentrated migration strategies and other measures. For you this means: future-proof products and systems, and therefore more security with respect to planning and investment.