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Our History

Herr Georg Rensch (1874 - 1948) co-founder of Deutsche Tachometer Werke GmbH in Berlin.

DEUTA tachometer on a vintage car.

Change of company name:
Deutsche Tachometer Werke becomes DEUTA-WERKE.

Baron Wedig of Kayserlingk is invited onto the board of directors.

Foundation of V.D.O. Tachometer AG., a co-operative venture of DEUTA WERKE with OTA Appatate GmbH.

DEUTA takes off in aircraft technology.

The WR range wins an award at the World Exhibition in Paris.

DEUTA has to change its name to Rensch GmbH, and relocate to Schwarzenbach.

Dipl. Ing. Albert Eisele during the rebuilding after the Second World War in 1948.
The company is renamed as DEUTA-WERKE.

Transfer of the company headquarters from Schwarzenbach to Bergisch Gladbach.

Wolfram Rensch takes over as sole executive director.

Introduction of MFA
(Modular Driver`s Cab Indicator).

ZWG (Central Distance and Speed Recording) - serial production for ICE 1.

Certification to DIN ISO 9001, and introduction of teamworking.

Wolfram Rensch hands over as executive director to Felix Kirchgässler and Dr. Neil Craige.

Upgrading of the works at Schwarzenbach am Wald into a centre of competence for the automobile industry as well.

Completion of the research project European Driver`s Desk (EUDD).

100 years

Introduction of Doppler radar DRS 05 S1 - High Speed Protection.

Dr. Rudolf Ganz takes over the technical management of DEUTA-WERKE.

IRIS certification.

Thomas Blau takes over the commercial management of DEUTA-WERKE.

Introduction Icon Trust® - visualization of safety related information.

Introduction DEUTA REDBOX® - Multi-Functional Recorders.

Foundation DEUTA Controls

Introduction Functional Safety Systems.

Foundation DEUTA AMERICA Corp.

SIL 3 for IconTrust Generic Plus

Terminal Applications from DEUTA

Foundation of DEUTA Railway Technologies, Shanghai, China

Successfully certified IRIS REV.03 ISO/TS22163 compliance.

Deuta wins the Industry Award in the category supplier.

The new REDBOX Generation: DEUTA REDBOX 2K

The first sod ist turned for the new office building.

The new terminal generations: D-EcoView®

On Track for Success since 1905

Our history

We have accompanied the development of modern mobility right from the beginning and have been influential in driving it forward. The successful result is there to be seen. In 1905, DEUTA started out as Deutsche Tachometerwerke GmbH with the production of the first tachometers used worldwide. 

Since then we have evolved into the internationally sought-after specialists in rail traffic technology that we are today. Our leadership in innovation is based on many years of experience and competence in the key technologies of Position/Speed Measuring and Indicator Technology as well as Recorder Technology and Train Safety Technology.

The connection between innovation and tradition

Despite all our innovative capacity, DEUTA remains loyal to its roots. As a family-owned company, without being weighed down by complex company structures, we have retained the maximum possible flexibility and customer focus.