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Sustainable since 1905

As a supplier to the rail vehicle industry, we take a long-term and future-orientated approach to everything we do. Our product developments are prepared with foresight to ensure decades of use. The products have a long service life and can usually be repaired if necessary. Moreover, in the event of certain components being discontinued, we endeavour to keep the device alive using replacements on a "form-fit-function" basis, without having to replace the product altogether. In line with our proactive obsolescence management strategy, we stockpile components to support our customers' long-term delivery commitments.

Sustainability is also a common thread that runs through our company history. DEUTA has been guided by the founding Rensch family since 1905. The company focuses on long-term corporate success, successful climate protection while meeting climate targets, and a self-image based on social responsibility and future-orientated action.