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DEUTA-WERKE´s Environmental Policy

DEUTA-WERKE manufactures and markets worldwide products for the railway industry. These products serve the sustainable development of mobility and transportation. The continuous improvement of the environmental compatibility, the conservative use of natural resources with due regards to economic considerations are crucial aspects in its acting:

That means in detail:

1. The environmental compatibility of its products and services constitutes an important quality  
    feature which DEUTA-WERKE continuously strives to improve.

2. As a supplier in the railway sector DEUTA-WERKE makes environmentally efficient,
    state-of-the-art technology available worldwide to the railway market.

3. The compliance with statutory provisions and official regulations is a matter of course to

4.  Itis a declared aim of DEUTA-WERKE to avoid waste created by the factory and services.

5. In consequently realizing an optimum service life and high MTBF (meantime between failure),
     good robustness and ease of repair of its products DEUTA-WERKE supports the sustainable
     development of mobility.

6. In keeping with their duties, all DEUTA-WERKE employees are informed and trained regularly in
     order to promote their environmental awareness.

7. DEUTA-WERKE actively informs about environmentally relevant properties of its products. The
    company´s environmental policy is open to the public.

8. DEUTA-WERKE cooperates closely with its suppliers in order to restrict environmental impact to
    a minimum within the supply chain.