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EBuLa / The Electronic Timetable

For displaying the Electronic Timetable, DEUTA offers the MFT102 Multi-Functional Terminal, approved by Deutsche Bahn AG. 

Low-maintenance structure 
The EBuLa display has omitted the accumulator block, fan, CD-ROM and hard disk, thus making the MFT102 a nearly maintenance free device.

Flexibles System
Easily expandable system with integrated PC 104 interface. Next to the main EBuLa
application under WIN XP Embedded®, additional applications can be used simultaneously under different operating systems such as, e.g. LINUX, QNXTM or WINDOWSTM.

Environmental Controller
Simplified operating time diagnostics, optimally scheduled maintenance intervals and
screen contents that can be read out at any time, and keyboard confirmations.

• 10.4" TFT with 640 x 480, 256 K colours, LED lighted  
• AMD Fusion, Dual-Core processor 1 GHz
• Internal Flash-Disc with 2 GB
• Protection category: IP 54 front / IP 21 rear 
• Environmental Controller
• Approved for the "EBuLa" application by the DB AG 

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions.

Multi-Functional Terminals
The optimal solution for customised display tasks