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Travel Data Recording

Travel data recording plays a central role in modern safety concepts for railway vehicles. One advantage is that it facilitates findings and conclusions about the technical causes of a fault. Another is that operational data can be continuously analysed.

DEUTA's recording devices communicate extensively with the train control systems via suitable digital bus systems, and the data is recorded on internal PC cards. Data is then downloaded via Ethernet and USB interfaces. The additional functions include configurable actuation of tachometer, kilometre counter, wheel flange lubrication, etc. DEUTA's recorder technology is based on national and international standards for vehicle technology, communications technology, and networking technology. The recorders are constructed using high-performance, high-availability, and easy-to-maintain components, designed for extreme environmental conditions: they are innovative, economic and robust.

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions.

DEUTA recorders are a key component of train safety