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Reliable Speed Indication

The four cornerstones of our display technology are:

  • high reliability
  • availability
  • maintainability
  • safety

DEUTA terminals and indicators are used for the display of safety-critical information. They provide a secure and completely independent interface between operator and machine for monitoring or testing functions.
DEUTA terminals and indicators comply with international standards, e.g. indicators in accordance with SIL 2 for ATP systems.
The comprehensive sensor product range is divided into three product groups: wheel pulse encoders (pick-up and axle-mounted sensors) and radar sensors.
As the supplier of output data, the sensor determines the accuracy of the entire system – it is robust, precise and compatible.

Our proactive obsolescence strategy increases the long-term availability of indicators and displays. The lifecycle of displays and key components are recorded in a roadmap.

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The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions:

Indicating units
DEUTA indicating units  are distinguished by their high availability, safety, and precision.
Multifunctional Terminals
The optimal solution for customised display tasks