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EBuLa / The Electronic Timetable

For displaying the Electronic Timetable, DEUTA offers the MFT 2/1 Multifunctional Terminal, approved by Deutsche Bahn AG and in compliance with the current V 1.5 specification. The system, with its integrated PC104 interface, is readily expansible.

The quick-charge, high-temperature battery pack with microprocessor which monitors voltage and temperature, guarantees uninterrupted operation for 30 minutes throughout the entire service interval.

The operational hours and operational status of individual assemblies can be read out using a service tool. In this way, it allows optimal planning of the maintenance intervals. The MFT 2/1 meets the ergonomics requirements in accordance with ISO 13406/2. Only the DEUTA display offers an optimised unit depth of a mere 144.7 mm.

The product group mentioned below can be used for these solutions:

Multifunctional Terminals
The optimal solution for customised display tasks