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Batteries Act (BattG) 

The new Batteries Act (BattG) replaces the hitherto existing regulation regarding the collection and replacement of used batteries and accumulators (Battery Regulation BattV) as well as the implementation of the European Battery Directive 2006/66/EG.

With respect to the taking back of device batteries, the following binding collection quotas shall be met in the national states:
35% of the collection quota by 26th September 2012 at the latest,
45% of the collection quota by 26th September 2016 at the latest.

For this reason, all producers and distributors (in the EU) are obliged to commit themselves to registering with the Common Collection System or to operate their own take-back system.

DEUTA procures batteries and accumulators supplied with the product which only come from producers or distributors who produce or distribute in Germany.

In this way, DEUTA is not a producer of batteries and therefore excluded from reporting to the Federal Environment Agency (according to paragraph 4 of the Batteries Act).

The batteries and accumulators used by DEUTA are encapsulated and built exclusively into closed housings. These batteries and accumulators fall under the category of device batteries.


BattG - Batteriegesetz (Batteries Act)
BattV - Batterieverordnung (Battery regulation)
GRS - Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem (Common Collection System)
UBA - Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency)

Automotive batteries

‘Automotive batteries’ are batteries which are intended for the starting motor, the lighting or for the ignition of vehicles. Vehicles in the sense of sentence 1 are land vehicles which are propelled by mechanical force and are not on rail tracks.

Industrial batteries

‘Industrial batteries’ are batteries which are intended exclusively for industrial, commercial or agricultural use, for electric vehicles of any kind or the propulsion of hybrid vehicles. Automotive batteries are not industrial batteries. The provisions of this law are applied regarding batteries which are neither automotive, industrial nor device batteries.

Device batteries

‘Device batteries’ are batteries which are encapsulated and can be held in the hand. Automotive and industrial batteries are not device batteries.