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DEUTA Trust Terminals

The worldwide leading solution for ERTMS/ETCS & Baseline 3 & maintenance

DEUTA Trust Terminals for ERMTS/ETCS, Baseline 3 and Maintenance

With the commencement of the new Subset-091 release, focus has been placed for the first time on the mandatory specification of the Driver Machine Interface (DMI) as SIL component as part of Baseline 3 and its "Safety Requirements for the Technical Interoperability".

The requirement of Subset-091 regarding the monitoring of safe display and input areas on a touch panel is monitored by IconTrust on the DEUTA Multifunctional Terminals (MFT).

Since 2014, DEUTA has provided MFTs with an expert proof of safety.

The solution: IconTrust® with SelectTrust® function

IconTrust detects representation errors of the unsafe PC system and differentiates between the safety-related input areas on the TFT. The contained SelectTrust function checks the activation or release of the touch area, or the single or continuous transmission of the activation. The technology thus complies with the requirements of Subset-091 with a safe, flexible and cost-efficient solution.

Always safe: display and input

DEUTA is a pioneer in the proven, safe representation on Driver Machine Interfaces (DMI).

Since 2014, DEUTA has provided MFTs with an expert proof of safety.

DEUTA as sole provider offers the combination of highly available redundant displays, safe SIL 3 displays and SIL 2 input.

 Unprecedented: DEUTA Trust technology:

  • generic assessment up to SIL 3
  • safe input and output
  • software and hardware from a single source
  • easy assessment of application changes 
  • cost-efficient 

Many successful project references with component and system certifications