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DEUTA Radar Sensors

Precision in the measurement of speed, distance and position

DEUTA radar sensors provide a contact-free way of measuring speed and distance by using the Doppler principle of microwaves. The integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is able to perform challenging evaluation algorithms to achieve high precision and high security without an extra evaluation unit.

Application in vehicle control

DEUTA Doppler radar sensors are used in railway vehicles on a grand scale as well as in automation and R&D. The use of DEUTA sensors means maximum flexibility and safety for vehicle control.

Dual-channel Doppler radar sensor DRS05/#

The dual-channel Doppler radar sensor DRS05/# uses special dual-beam algorithms to analyse the Doppler signals. These are optimised for high accuracy and a velocity measuring range of up to 600 km/h. The information is transmitted in data packages via a serial RS485 interface. The protocol is adapted for particular customer requirements and contains information on the evaluation status of the Doppler signals. Parameters derived from the speed, such as distance and acceleration are provided there. 

Information on the state of the DRS05# radar sensor is communicated alongside speed, distance, direction of travel and acceleration on the serial interface for a high level of security.

Robust design for long operating lives

With its integrated protective hood the Doppler radar DRS05/#S1 shows increased availability in winter conditions. The housing also increases operating life when the radar is exposed to impacting rocks. This solution is recommended for use in high-speed trains with ETCS-/ERTMS systems.  

Using microwave technology, the DEUTA radar sensor is not affected by spoilage compared to optical sensors.