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DEUTA Products for Shunting Locomotives

Secure delivery and shunting operation

Even if the speed range and the movement radius of shunting locomotives remain relatively small, the security requirement is comparable to that of faster trains. DEUTA offers the matching equipment for PZB and DSS. The product range is completed with indicators, Multifunctional Terminals (MFT) and sensors.

The focus is on the safety of people, when DEUTA products are in use:

Multifunctional recorders

For DSS functionalities on shunting locomotives, DEUTA offers the REDsafe unit with SIL certification. With its versatile integration possibilities, the DEUTA REDsafe is optimally suited for installation in locomotives and utility vehicles. The cassette is installed as a stand-alone unit in a 19" rack. It is fitted as safety module in the train protection, e.g. in the PZB environment.

REDBOX Recorders 

Multifunctional Terminals (MFT)

With their versatile application options, the MFTs are firmly established even in shunting locomotives.
Each terminal is tailored for use in the driver's console. The common basis of the terminals is the secure, rugged and reliable display technology that can be equipped with future-oriented SIL2-capable IconTrust technology upon request.

Multi-Functional Terminals


Whether round or square - DEUTA indicators are available in countless variants for high-speed trains. DEUTA SIL indicators offer additional safety. The ESG indicators with stepper motor provide feedback over a second separate controller. They are characterised by an integrated monitoring system in the form of a feedback unit. The electrical EGS indicators are equipped with two independently operating moving coil instruments whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals. The electrical ENG indicators have a moving coil instrument whose inputs are adapted to current, voltage or PWM signals.


Speed sensors

The space-saving pick-up sensors and the axle-mounted speed sensors are the ideal choice for regional vehicles.
The operationally proven speed sensors are driven by a mechanical coupling from the axle of the vehicle. Dirt and vibrations will scarcely impair the DEUTA axle-mounted generators. They are integrated into the system in order to create secure speed information.

The pick-up sensors use the Hall principle and have an extraordinarily high service life as they are non-contacting in operation and thus wear-free to a great extent.