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DEUTA Mobile Video Systems

Good value. Flexible. Simply expandable.

Video systems today provide possibilities for increasing your safety and that of your passengers. For this, DEUTA has a flexible all-in-one solution.

Easy integration into new vehicles and retrofit projects

The components of our mobile video systems intended for rail are easily integrated and have been adapted for demanding environments. System components are used as stand-alone or network solutions and can be applied to both new vehicles and retrofit projects.

Cost-effective individual solutions

DEUTA mobile video systems can be easily assembled as stand-alone solutions: the cabling is easy, demands on performance very low. Thereby, they create the best conditions for extremely cost-effective solutions and leave enough spare capacity for additional applications.

The mobile video system is also ideal in the trainset: the train driver can opt to display camera data showing passengers or the outside area of different train segments.

Complete system as network solution

Of course, comprehensive network applications are also possible with DEUTA mobile video systems. Displays and IP cameras embedded in the network can be extended as desired and complemented with further cameras, displays and optical recorders.

Further advantages: simultaneous representation of several video signals as well as extension to the trainset. DEUTA mobile video systems have everything you would expect from a forward-oriented, complete system.