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Conflict Minerals

Explanation regarding ‘Conflict Minerals’ for customers of DEUTA-WERKE GmbH

Regardless of previous notifications made available by DEUTA regarding so called Conflict Materials, this document clarifies to the best of our knowledge and belief the position as of today.

DEUTA is committed to the safety, health and protection of people and the environment.

DEUTA does not knowingly purchase any raw materials, including Conflict Materials which come directly or indirectly from suppliers of raw materials, the sale of which could financially benefit armed groups or surrounding countries.

DEUTA works together with suppliers who support our policies and ensure that the raw materials supplied and sourced by them are free from Conflict Materials. Many of our suppliers have similar policies.

We are constantly striving to implement measures which ensure that materials from conflict regions do not find their way into our supply chain or into our products.

Because of the complex nature of the ways in which metals, particularly precious metals, are melted down, recycled and sold, including the common practice of mixing ore and discarded metal from many different sources, it is often impossible for every company to carry out traceability studies with respect to the exact origin of all materials.