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DEUTA Safety Managment

SIL competence – with precision

DEUTA REDBOX safety systems cover the entire spectrum for the measurement, recording and visualisation of speed. Our components fulfill safety functions up to safety level SIL 4. We are the sole supplier worldwide which designs, develops and manufactures components in-house for safe speed systems. In addition to the reduced effort involved in system certification, our customers benefit from our forward-looking obsolescence policy during the project phase. We understand the complexity and the demands made on a safety system following it up throughout the entire life cycle of our long-lived products. The technological variance of our products facilitates customer-specific adaptations.

If required, DEUTA will also manage communications with the system assessor. Our customers can bank on the experience and precision of DEUTA - it saves time and money.

Comprehensive support

DEUTA provides comprehensive support for SIL certification of speed systems, including the following:

  • risk analysis and determination of the required Safety Integrity Level in
    different safety functions, e.g. speed display
    • safe transmission of speed
    • DSD (Driver´s Safety Device)
    • standstill detection
    • safe transmission of speed
    • rollback protection
    • monitoring of maximum speed
    • transmission of safe speed to other systems in the vehicle
  • system design concepts with tried and tested components or components to be newly developed by DEUTA depending on the required Safety Integrity Level of the various safety functions
  • integration tests and production of the necessary SIL documentation in preparation for certification
  • management of obsolescence processes including assimilation of evaluation or