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The Touchstone for Top Quality

Based on practical experience, to achieve practical results

- acc. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

DEUTA products represent top quality. Product development, therefore, goes hand in hand with DEUTA's test laboratory. Our well-equipped modern laboratory meets the highest technical requirements and offers the widest possible range of test options, including testing for electromagnetic compatibility and resistance to climatic and mechanical effects. The test equipment includes:

  • climatic test chambers acc. to EN 60068-2-x
  • vibration tests according to EN 61373 and EN 60068-2-x 
  • anechoic measuring chamber (screened chamber complete with hybrid absorber lining)
  • measuring station ESD
  • measuring station conducted tests

Special equipment for tests to accompany development:

  • infrared camera for capturing heat images (thermography)
  • impact testing up to impact resistance grade IK06
  • testing of insulation and withstand voltage
  • endurance testing
  • stress screening