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D-GenericTrust Kit®

The safety upgrade for standard terminals

DEUTA has developed a safety upgrade for standard terminals. The D-GenericTrust Kit is assessed according to the basic safety standard for functional safety IEC61508 meeting the requirement SIL3 for safe display and for the safe data entry SIL2.

Safe display & operation (SIL3/SIL2)

The D-GenericTrust Kit is designed so that safety technologies for safe display and safe operation are integrated with minimum effort in existing HMI devices.

The D-GenericTrust Kit consists of the modules: IconTrust board and photo sensor unit. Together, these modules provide the basic function of a safe display:

  • The IconTrust board supervises the video data stream and compares it with safe process values transferred via a safe communication channel.
  • The photo sensor unit supervises the correct functioning of the display panels. The optional elements: touch, keyboard and computer mouse constitute the safe input functions up to SIL2.

The package is completed by the design reference guide and the configuration tool IVEN.

The D-GenericTrust Kit which has already been assessed according to IEC61508 standard, minimises the effort for the assessment of the entire appliance. The D-GenericTrust Kit with the safe communication protocol (e.g. PROFIsafe) offers the possibility to achieve an individual safety solution with standard components.

Safe display with IconTrust®

As part of the D-GenericTrust Kit, IconTrust supervises dedicated areas on the TFT panel and differentiates between safety-relevant and non safety-relevant information up to PL-e or SIL3:

  • supervises dynamic and static areas on the HMI panel 
  • recognizes the validity of displayed information 
  • confirms the receipt of the current process data via a safe connection 
  • compares the displayed process value with the input process value

Safe operation with SelectTrust® & MouseTrust®

The SelectTrust and MouseTrust technologies enable a safe touch input with the Performance Level PL-d or SIL2. The input areas shown on the display are safely supervised. With actuation, a respective safe data protocol is generated – completely independently and in parallel to the processing of non-safe input data by the HMI.

More safety when it counts!

When human lives are at stake, process sequences are system-relevant or within a hazard zone, trust technologies are monitoring inside the D-GenericTrust Kit the display and operation at the terminal:

  • Command and control centres
  • Inspection centres
  • Operating terminals
  • Production control
  • Maintenance work
  • ...