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DEUTA REDsafe - Safety Unit with SIL Certification

Train Protection with DEUTA REDsafe

With its various integration options, the DEUTA REDsafe is ideally suited for assembly in trams, locomotives and working vehicles. The cassette is mounted as a ‘stand-alone unit‘ in a 19“ rack. 

Driver’s Safety Device (DSD) and further functions

The travel data recorder REDsafe is a closed platform for DSD functions. It corresponds to the requirements of the TAB (Technische Aufsichtsbehörde) §5 Abs. 1 and other rail standards like BOStrab with additional safety functions such as:

  • DSD
  • Detection of standstill
  • Rollback protection
  • Speed thresholds (e.g. Vmax, Vgrenz)
  • Monitoring of speed signals
  • Safe Speed Transmission – analogue
  • Safe Speed Transmission – via bus system
  • We are happy to support you with other requirements too. 

The Safe Control Unit: functional safety up to SIL3

The SCU (Safe Control Unit) of the DEUTA REDsafe is devised as a 2 channel structure with independent processors and control relays. In this way, SIL conformity of safety functions up to level 3 is made possible, depending on integration. As required, REDsafe can transmit all occurring status messages to a superordinate system. MVB buses, CAN or Ethernet can be used for this. 

Flexible configurations

The design of the DEUTA REDsafe allows for high flexibility in configuration, parametrisation and in application, e.g. as time-time or distance-distance DSD.

Die REDsafe replaces the ES122 DSD conforming to operator procedures. Alongside project relevant safety functions, it provides additional service and diagnostic functions, such as status info via ethernet connection.

DEUTA SiFa Safety System

The DEUTA DSD Safety System is a SIL certified product package, consisting of the safety unit DEUTA REDsafe and either two wheel pulse sensors or pick-up sensors. The standard SIL system is the on-board extension of track based safety systems such as intermittent automatic train control PZB, continuous automatic train control LZB and the European Train Control System ETCS. The system concept corresponds to the safety-related application conditions SIL 3 for DSD, with due regard of standstill detection, monitoring of maximum speed and monitoring of limit speed.

With SIL Certification

The DEUTA DSD Safety System was assessed as a standardized, project-neutral product package. It can easily be implemented on trains up to 200 km/h as a finished product package without further development afforts and technical clarification.

Advantages of the DEUTA DSD Safety Systems:

  • Finished defined product package 
  • Available assessor certificate - up to SIL 3 
  • Short engineering phases

Generically assessed

While project-specific assessments are individually reviewed and evaluated, DEUTA developed the DSD Safety System as a standard solution wich is on the device side, applicable without development and assessment effort for vehicles with a maximum speed of up to 200 km/h.

The assessment of the TÜV Nord confirms the range of the products.

Safety Level of DSD Safety Systems:

  • DSD according UIC 641 and DB specification SIL 3 
  • Standstill detection SIL 3 
  • Monitoring of maximum speed SIL 3 
  • Monitoring of speed limit SIL 3