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DEUTA presents D-ViewTrust® Terminals - Standard Monitors with IconTrust®

DEUTA presents D-ViewTrust® Terminals - Standard Monitors with IconTrust®

With the D-ViewTrust Monitors, in principle, all types of input variables can be supervised which are represented as symbols, pointer instruments, bar graphs, letters, text or even as a play of colours. If required, it is possible to allow different screen representations for one and same value of the input variable (equivalent representations).

MMI for complex control and guidance systems

D-ViewTrust monitors are man machine interfaces with safety level for complex control and guidance systems. The monitors visualise process data and receive the user input. Operation is carried out via touch or mouse.

The D-ViewTrust Terminals are assessed according to the basic safety standard for functional safety IEC61508 meeting the requirement SIL3/PL-e and for the safe data entry SIL2/PL-d.

The patented Trust functions included inside the D-ViewTrust terminals ensure that safety-relevant display contents are represented in a functionally safe manner, without interfering with the customer application. In contrast to conventional methods, the Trust technologies offer more safety for the display and the operation in safety-relevant areas of a TFT, representing reliably the determined values. The user can immediately recognise when deviations occur.

DEUTA Trust technologies are supervision systems which supervise the signal flow to the TFT display in the HMI device as well as the TFT display. The decision whether or not information is displayed correctly within certain supervised areas is derived from a target/actual comparison of the process values to be displayed. The Trust technologies: IconTrust, SelectTrust and MouseTrust ensure the topicality and correctness of the data displayed without having to subject the actual application for displaying the information, which may be based on unsafe TFT technology, to a verification process.

DEUTA Trust Technologies are prooved 10,000 times!