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Continued Success for IconTrust® & SelectTrust®

Continued Success for IconTrust® & SelectTrust®

In the Moorgate project, Siemens Mobility and DEUTA-WERKE are working together on a promising project that demonstrates sustainable rail transportation using a regenerative braking system.

Until a year ago, 42-year-old electrical multiple units (EMUs) of British Rail Class 313 were still running on the line between London Moorgate and Stevange. The British train operator Govia Thameslink Railway has converted its fleet to the modern and sustainable Class 717 EMUs equipped with the Siemens Mobility ETCS Level 2 onboard unit solution Trainguard 200 Baseline 3 (BL3MR1). The EMUs Class 717 are characterized by a generative braking system making them 33 percent more energy-efficient than their predecessors. In their short period of operation to date, the EMUs have already generated 17 million kWh. The balance after one year in operation speaks for itself. The 25 EMUs have already generated enough electricity by their braking system to power the equivalent of all households in the borough of Welwyn and Hatfield for one month, potentially saving more than 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission.

The next step of Siemens Mobility is to upgrade the Class 717 Desiro City EMUs to the latest ETCS Level 2 Standard BL3R2. For the safe display indication Siemens Mobility uses the redundant MFTRS1080kwa Multifunctional terminal from DEUTA-WERKE with patented IconTrust®- and SelectTrust®-technology and DEUTA-software application, certified to SIL2, compatible with Baseline 3.6.0.

Thanks to the long-standing cooperation between Siemens Mobility and DEUTA-WERKE the collaboration is based on an open and cooperative communication culture. This made it possible to jointly find new solutions necessary for the upgrade to the latest ETCS Level 2 Standard BL3R2. So, the MFTR1080kwa display used in the Moorgate project for the first time was upgraded to a new software update to ensure the required ETCS compatibility.

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