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DEUTA carries on the road to success

Today, it can already be foreseen that after the two record-braking years 2017 and 2018 with an excellent business performance the year 2019 will brake all sales records. The two managing directors of DEUTA-WERKE, Thomas Blau and Dr. Rudolf Ganz take an optimistic view also of the coming years.

The demand for DEUTA products has been steadily increasing worldwide. By founding the company DEUTA Railway Technologies Shanghai in 2017, DEUTA-WERKE succeeded in creating a second mainstay in China. DEUTA now opens market segments which were not addressed before by the Chinese joint venture Shanghai DEUTA founded in 1994. As a result, DEUTA has more than doubled its sales in China.

In addition, the demand for vehicle components used in cross-border rail traffic with the safe display technology IconTrust® has been growing, steadily. The future prospects are positive. Rail transport plays a significant role in green mobility with an increasing demand. The sustainable products of DEUTA-WERKE will be a supporting pillar of worldwide train safety.