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German Innovation Award 2019 for SelectTrust®

German Innovation Award 2019 for SelectTrust®

DEUTA receives the German Innovation Award 2019 for its safety input technology SelectTrust®.

The winners of the German Innovation Award 2019 were awarded at a festive gala event with invited guests from business, politics and media accepted the exclusive invitation at the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin on 28 May 2019.

The German Design Council, established by the German Bundestag, with its interdisciplinary jury of experts from industry, science, institutions and finance, awarded the DEUTA SelectTrust® safety technology in two German Innovation Award categories:

+ Excellence in Business to Business - ⁢Electronic Technologies Winner
+ Design Thinking

These awards are of particular importance for DEUTA because the German Innovation Award honours innovations that have a positive influence on the future and focus on people. This corresponds to DEUTA’s guiding principle in two respects: on the one hand, with the highest standards of safety in rail vehicle traffic and passenger protection and, on the other hand, in the sense of the operator’s trust and reliability in communication with the technical system.

With the SelectTrust® technology patented in 2011, DEUTA has assumed a pioneering role in the field of safe input on operation terminals. The SelectTrust® technology can be integrated into standard terminals and, if necessary, retrofitted in suitable terminals at a later stage. Safety-critical factors and malfunctions on virtual control panels are excluded. The application areas of of SelectTrust® are by no means limited to the railway industry.

DEUTA works together with well-known industrial companies on the transfer of hardware control panels to TFT operation terminals which comply with the standards of the machine industry.

For the first time, SelectTrust® was used on the ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn. The ICEs were prepared for cross-border travel in Europe and had to meet the technical specifications of interoperable railway transport.

Only products and solutions from companies with a high degree of innovativeness are awarded. The evaluation criteria of the German Innovation Award include but are not limited to user benefits, innovation strategy, social, ecological and economic sustainability as well as site and employment potential.

The Berlin DEUTA shareholder Wolfram Rensch, pictured with managing director Dr. Rudolf Ganz were particularly pleased about the award and its presentation in the Deutsches Technikmuseum. The museum is home to many treasures collected from the long history of DEUTA which began in Berlin in 1905.