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Successfully certified IRIS REV.03 ISO/TS22163 compliance

Successfully certified IRIS REV.03 ISO/TS22163 compliance

The latest ISO/TS 22163 norm bases on ISO 9001:2015 norm according to high-level structure released in May 2017. It considers the complete supply chain - from design & development, to production and maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure projects of the railway industry. The new evaluation method of IRIS certification puts a strong emphasis on process efficiency of a company and the performance level of customer orientation.

DEUTA Quality Management Representative, Meikel Koch, is entirely committed to the new norm: “The ISO/TS22163 norm supports the process oriented approach and requires concrete defined process descriptions. This perfectly supports our high standards of customer orientation and ongoing optimization.”

With the release of the latest technical standard ISO/TS 22163 the worldwide distribution of the International Railway Industry Standards IRIS is driven forward. The international customer environment benefits from the new standard IRIS REV03 in terms of sustainability as well as product and project quality.