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111 Years of DEUTA-WERKE

111 Years of DEUTA-WERKE

Turning 111 years old in the Rhineland means celebrating on November 11th, of course. Even though the DEUTA-WERKE were established 1905 in Berlin, the company had relocated to Bergisch Gladbach in the mid-1950s and so naturally began the celebration of its 111th company anniversary on the day the carnival session begins.

Ferdinand Linzenich, German cabaret artist from Refrath, guided the participants through the event in exactly 111 minutes. In casual sequence he bundled cabaret acts, company history and interviews with the Rensch entrepreneurial family and employees of DEUTA. When questioned "What was better - the old days or today?", the son of founder Wolfram Rensch was happy to provide information. Linzenich queried the oldest and newest colleagues, and from employees with the longest journey he wanted to know why they were willing to travel two hours each morning and evening to work every day. The result of the interviews: There was something good in each period of time, and to be employed with DEUTA means that no journey is too long.

For Lutz Urbach, the mayor of Bergisch Gladbach, DEUTA is the "Hidden Champion". In his laudatory speech he acknowledged the Rensch entrepreneurial family and also took the opportunity to ring in the Rhenish carnival at 11:11 a.m. with the DEUTA employees.