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Travel Data Recording for Trams

Detailed recording and safety functions acc. CENELEC

DEUTA has a long tradition in the supply of recorder systems for trams. Our product lines KWR 4, KWR 5, KWR 6 and KWR 21 are known all over the world with highest reputation and legendary reliability. DEUTA REDBOX recorders are the latest mile stone in this long tradition.

DEUTA REDBOX® flex safe+

The DEUTA REDBOXflex safe+ combines two different parts in one compact unit:

  • Travel Data Recording on a 2 GB Flash Card allows to rebuild the travel data after an incident and permits studies for the optimisation of the vehicle fleet.
  • The Safety Function complies with the CENELEC SIL definition, where vehicle and passenger safety are positioned at the highest level.

Overview of the SAFE+ module:

  • safety according CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
  • safe information via relay
  • 13 digital inputs for an optimised integration
  • suspend function for particular vehicle situation
  • flexibility through configurable parameters
  • customised application
  • complete status surveillance and communication
  • Deuta support for the review process