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DEUTA products for ETCS; DEUTA products enable interoperable train traffic on the basis of international train standards


Deuta products and system solutions for your application

DEUTA Multi-Functional Terminal MFT S11 SIL3 with IconTrust® Technology and TFT panel

Multi-Functional Terminals

The Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) for customised visualization tasks

DEUTA Pick-up Sensors; Hall Effect Speed Sensors with extremely long life spans


Pick-Up Sensors, Axle-Mounted Sensors, Radar Sensors

DEUTA Mounted Analogue Panel Meters; these indicating units have proven their worth over decades as mounted panel instruments in a variety of Settings.

Indicating Units 

Safe. Proven. Tailor-made.

DEUTA Travel Data Recorder REDBOXpro; Event Recorder

REDBOX® Multi-Functional Recorders

Multiple versions for your application

DEUTA XP 20 Test Benches - Sensor Travel Simulation

XP 20 Travel Simulation 

For rail operators, system integrators and customer service employees


(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The New Subsidiary in China

Read the interview with Dr. Rudolf Ganz, CEO DEUTA-WERKE

DEUTA / November  2016

111 years of DEUTA-WERKE

DEUTA celebrates it company anniversary

Even though the DEUTA-WERKE were established 1905 in Berlin, the company had relocated to Bergisch Gladbach in the mid-1950s and so naturally began the celebration of its 111th company anniversary on the day the carnival session begins.

PRODUCTS / 31.03.2016


» DEUTA expands its business«

DEUTA-WERKE is the market leader in the field of safe Multi-Functional Terminals for railway vehicles. The patented Trust technologies IconTrust® and SelectTrust® in the terminals ensure that the vehicle driver can rely on the displayed information such as speed and train safety signals. IconTrust® guarantees for example the safe display of speed values and SelectTrust® for instance the safe input of train data. The functional principle of these safe DEUTA technologies is tested by experts of the TÜV Nord and certified by a safety standard, the so-called Safety Level..

DEUTA / January 2016

Image Film

» DEUTA in Full-HD«

"How can we keep up with technologies developing at a dizzying pace?“

"Who can live up to the demand for safe means of transportation?“

DEUTA has the answers to these questions, because our products are the heart of modern transportation technology and thousands of people put their trust in us – day after day.