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Driver Monitoring / Dead Man's Handle / SIFA

In accordance with UIC guideline 641 V, driver safety switches, or dead man's handles, must be installed on all trains that are operated by only a single driver.

DEUTA's type ES 122 electronic driver safety switch (SIFA) monitors the driver's ability to drive from within the train, independently of fixed or locally installed devices. If the driver operates the train incorrectly, the SIFA automatically applies the brakes.

The factory-adjustable ES 122 operates as a twin-channel SIFA. If the button on the SIFA is not pressed during the reaction period, the override status is activated, and the driver receives audible and visual warnings. As an alternative option, any DEUTA recorder can be enhanced to provide a driver monitoring function.

The product groups mentioned below can be used for these solutions.

DEUTA recorders are a key component of train safety