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XP 20 Test Benches – the Holistic Travel Simulation   

For rail operators, system integrators and customer service employees

The XP20 test benches offer totally new possibilities in travel simulation to you as rail operators, system integrators and customer service employees.

Central control over connected sensors

DEUTA’s approach to sensor simulation is a holistic one: the XP20 range consists of test benches for axle-mounted generators, pick-up and Doppler radar sensors of which up to 9 devices can be networked and centrally controlled by you.

The device types of the XP range:

XP 20D (Drive): Stand-alone test bench with integrated operator terminal for axle-mounted sensors and pick-up sensors

  • XP 20D is particularly suited for goods inwards inspections.

XP 20DS (Drive Service): Service test bench without operator terminal

  • XP 20DS is used with the mobile operator terminal XP 20R (Remote) during integration tests or in the laboratory. The mobile operator terminal can simultaneously control up to 9 test benches and can visualise all required information.

XP 20M (Move): Test bench for radar sensors in rail applications 

  • Der XP 20M test bench consists of a control unit which simulates moving ground during driving operation and controls a separate transmission unit.  The transmission unit – as a second component of the XP 20M – includes a recording for the radar sensor which is to be checked and provides its input parameter.
  • To operate the control unit, the stand-alone version XP 20M already contains the mobile operator terminal XP 20R as part of standard delivery. For the service test bench XP 20MS (Move Service), the mobile operator terminal XP 20R can be separately ordered.