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Travel Data Analysis with ADS 4

The participant will obtain essential knowledge in travel data evaluation with ADS 4, the new generation of our evaluation software. The seminar will begin with the reading out of travel data, followed by a step-by-step explanation of how travel data evaluation is effected. The design of the new program will be explained in detail, in particular the use of various display possibilities. Through examples it will be shown how search functions are used and how reports are printed. In this way, participants will become skilled in the complete functionality of the ADS 4 software. Prior knowledge in the application of ADS 3 software is desirable but is not a precondition.

Workshop themes will include:

  • Reading out travel data
  • Analysis of travel data in tabular and graphical representation
  • Use of search functions
  • Compiling reports

The detailed course content can be found in the little booklet.

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