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DEUTA MFT 111 with AMD Fusion Processor

Pure Performance in the Driver’s Cab

For the first time ever, an AMD Fusion Processor has made its way into the world of driver’s desk terminals with the MFT 111. You will be impressed by the formidable performance of the Multi-Functional Terminal MFT111.

Fastest MFT on the market

The driver control panel MFT 111 represents a leap in innovation in the MFT world: with the fastest MFT within drivers’ desk terminals, DEUTA can continue to lay claim to being a technology leader in the market. Your requirements are bound to be exceeded with respect to high performance and high-end technologies in the area of rail.

Quickly configurable and dependable

The following also applies for the DEUTA MFT 111: few components, few plug connectors, everything on one circuit board and minimal power loss. In this way DEUTA has your individual configuration ready for operation quickly and reliably and the record-breaking MTBF values from the field data are surpassed.

IconTrust® makes your driver’s cab SIL compliant

The compact housing of the MFT 111 makes it a good fit where space is limited. Optionally equipped with IconTrust®, the MFT 111 becomes the SIL Terminal MFT S111 with maximum safety.