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DEUTA Smart Terminals DST 1

Compact dimensions – lots of Information

DEUTA Smart Terminals DST 1 are much more than mere speed indicators. Thanks to the colour TFT display,  DEUTA Smart Terminals provide a lot of information very clearly – despite requiring very little space.

Full range of functions within a small space

Whenever space is at a premium in the driver’s cab, DEUTA Smart Terminals are the ideal solution. The DST 1 series provides not only a speedometer but can be extended to also provide additional information, such as pressurised air or traction etc. The colour TFT leaves more scope for scales, markings, indicator lamps and modifications to application software.

Added safety up to SIL 2

With IconTrust® DEUTA Smart Terminals are converted into safe man-machine interfaces with SIL 2-capability. User software such as, e.g., ETCS, speed or Full-Supervision indicators can be updated quickly and easily.