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IconTrust® Technology

IconTrust® Technology

Most system designs for control stations concentrate by default on the validation of the electronic process control computer according to SIL requirements (Safety Integration Level). However, the security hole in the digital displays often remains open. The cause of the error may lie in the display of false data which operators on-site and in controlled operations cannot validate in real time. At best, the system is impaired or malfunctions; at worst, lives are put at risk. This means that for every safety relevant manually operated display and control system, appropriate corrective action for error recognition is indispensable.


With IconTrust, a technology is now available which monitors and reveals potential errors on TFT-Displays using a circuit which is independent of the PC. IconTrust derives the data sets as a finger print of the information currently being displayed. In this way, discrete pieces of information can be monitored independently and exclusively in various areas of the screen. Cost-effective IconTrust® technology is universally suited for all applications with safety relevant display of information, for example, in the cockpits of modern trains, in control rooms or manned surveillance systems. IconTrust® can be used as a panel pc, a TFT monitor or a projector. It can also be integrated easily as an add-on into existing devices.


Limitless control

IconTrust® monitors dedicated areas on the TFT panel and distinguishes between safety and non-safety relevant information. To display areas of the screen containing critical safety information, rectangular windows are configured in IconTrust® as a monitoring area.


The innovative technology can simultaneously and independently, monitor over 100 areas, including overlapping areas. When anomalies occur, a corresponding safety reaction is triggered. For each individual area, in each image refresh cycle in IconTrust® the displayed image is analysed and compared with the value of the respective input signal. The patented system ensures the information is demonstrably up-to-date and correct without the actual application for displaying the information being subject to a verification procedure. Because of this independence IconTrust® enjoys almost limitless applicability.

Which input signals does IconTrust® monitor?

In principle, all types of input signals can be monitored with IconTrust® technology. These can be represented as symbols, needle instruments or bar graphs, letters, text or colour play. If required, it is possible to allow different screen representations for one and the same value of the same input signal (equivalent representations). Alongside, the configuration of an error counter for the delayed triggering of the safety reaction can be selected.

Considerably more flexible

With IconTrust® display type and layout can also be modified in a flexible and uncomplicated way in safety relevant areas. If the application is in the process of being developed or adapted for a new requirement, safety can be reconfirmed without a lengthy qualification process.

Permanently more reliable

IconTrust® is a safe, reliable, flexible and cost-effective technology for the constant control of TFT-Displays in safety critical applications – and has been for decades now.